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Joomla eCommerce

Some of the general features available through our eCommerce CMS systems are:

  • Shoppers can manage their own User Accounts (registration required)
  • Shipping Address Management (Customers can enter their own Shipping Addresses)
  • Order History: Shoppers can view all of their previous Orders (and Order Details)
  • Order Confirmation Email (customizable!) is sent to the Shopper and the Store Owner
  • Multiple Currencies (allows Customers to change the Currency and buy using varying Currencies)
  • Capable of using Secure Sockets Layer (https) Encryption (128-bit)

Flexible Tax Models

  • Model 1: Ship To Address-based Tax Calculation
  • Model 2: Store Address-based Tax Calculation
  • Model 3: EU Mode (Store Owner based Tax Calculation when Customer comes from an EU Country)
  • Multiple Languages (uses the Joomla! Component Joom!Fish or Nooku).

Product Catalog Features

  • User-friendly Web-Administration Interface (Javascript-powered)
  • Ability to manage an unlimited number of Products and Categories
  • Ability to be used as a Shop or just as an Online-Catalog (ability to turn off Price Display)
  • Ability to Search for Products, Categories and Manufacturers; filter by features or Discounted Products
  • Product Ratings and Testimonials (Ability to be moderated or auto-published)
  • Ability to feature specific Products by setting them "on special"
  • Product Availability: shows how fast a Customer can expect their delivery
  • Ability for downloadable Products (virtual Goods)
  • "Product is back in Stock"-Notification for subscribed Customers ability

Administration Features

  • Ability for multiple Images and Files (like Spec Sheets and Flyers) per each Product
  • Product Attributes (such as Size or Color) can be added to each Product
  • Ability for Product Types for Classification (like "Shoe", "Computers" or "CDs")
  • Ability to create Shopper Groups for Customers (allows different Price Levels and Payment Options for different groups),
  • Ability to have multiple Prices per Product (Quantity-based and/or Shopper Group-based Prices)
  • Ability for flexible Price Display (number & currency formatting; including or excluding tax)
  • Ability for On-the-Fly Price Conversion between different Currencies using Live Rates from the ECB or other banks
  • Ability to have Shop Statistics / Control Panel with a Summary of new Customers, new Orders....
  • Ability to have Stock Level Control for Products and Items
  • Ability for Order Management with Order History, Customer Notification and Order Edit Functionality
  • Ability for basic Reporting Feature: sold Items, monthly/yearly Revenue
  • Order Status Management
  • Ability to manage different Currencies, Countries & States

Payment Modules

  • Live Credit Card Processing ability
  • Ability for Pre-defined Payment Gateways like®, PayPal, 2Checkout, eWay, Worldpay, PayMate and NoChex
  • Ability to extend Shop using other Payment Modules using the Payment Module API!

Shipping Modules

  • Ability for Flexible Shipping Carriers and Rates Configuration
  • Ability for Live-Shipping Rates using Shipping Modules (e.g. InterShipper, UPS, USPS, FedEx or Canada Post; Modules can use the Shipping Rate API).
  • Ability to extend Shop with other Shipping Modules using the Shipping Module API!