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Data Recovery

Data Recovery

No matter what brand or type of media – from hard drives to servers & RAID arrays – if you need files recovered, we've got the know-how & experience to recover your data safely & securely, guaranteed.

Take the first steps to restoring your files... and your peace of mind!

Need help now?

Do you think you may have lost data already, or aren't sure if you have? Don't worry! Our data recovery professionals have decades of experience with storage technology and how best to protect your data if we think you may need data recovery. We'll help you ensure that no further data loss occurs and that we do everything we can to help you get your data back as quickly as possible.

Call one of our data recovery specialists today and we'll gladly answer any of your questions, and help you recover your peace of mind!

Data Recovery Explained: The Basics

In the most simple terms, "data recovery" refers to the process of recovering data from a hard drive, removable disk, or other type of electronic storage media (such as a backup tape drive, RAID array, server, database, flash memory, etc.) when the data is no longer accessible via normal means.

There are many ways to store data: hard drives, removable disks, CDs or DVDs just to name a few. No matter how reliable these storage products might be, any mechanical or electronic device can fail to function normally. In addition, there are many non-failure-related causes of lost or inaccessible data, such as accidentally deleting files, formatting/re-partitioning a disk, or a forgotten password. Sometimes disaster strikes and a storage device might physically be unusable, such as in the case of a fire, a spill or other damage. When normal methods for accessing data fail, data recovery is the process we use to regain safe, reliable access to that data.

The Data Recovery Process

Data recovery can be a simple process in many cases, and in some cases may require exhaustive, detailed work to recover the data. However, any data recovery case typically involves the same general process for recovering the lost data:

  1. Evaluate the media and provide an initial determination of the extent of the damage, potential for recovery, and work involved to recover the data.

    (Many data recovery companies will charge fees for this evaluation or may only provide a "blind estimate" without actually evaluating the media for recovery. imgforge Data Recovery provides a guaranteed free in-lab diagnostic evaluation* of your media by one of our technicians before we make an estimate of what will be needed to recover the data. We know how important your data is, and we don't take chances.)

  2. Estimate how much work will be involved, how much data can be recovered, what steps will need to be taken, and what the cost will be to recover the data.

    (Most data recovery companies will promise you a quote or a flat-rate to recover your data, sometimes even before they've looked at your media! imgforge Data Recovery Services won't "guess" when it comes to recovering your data. After a diagnostic evaluation of your media, we'll give you a no-nonsense quote of what it will really cost to get your data back, or even if there's a program you can use to recover the data on your own. If you aren't satisfied with the offer, we'll send your media back to you, guaranteed.*)

  3. Mirror any data that may be accessible to safe location if the media in question is actually physically functional when it is received. Using this process increases the chances for a complete recovery and preserves the original media in case further access is required.
  4. Repair any electrical or physical damage that may be preventing the media from accessing the data.
  5. Recover the data through "logical" (software) processes that work with the raw data on the disk or drive.
  6. Analyze the recovered data to be sure it is intact and usable, then provide a report of the results of the recovery (what data was recovered, what was the cause of the data loss, etc).
  7. Return the restored data on media of your choice as soon as possible.
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