imgforge Business Solutions is your one stop for Web Design, Web Development, Print, SEO!

We manage all aspects of your business image, meticulously weaving the subtleties of your brand into every aspect of your online and printed presence. Our focus is on the customized needs of each partner, and our solutions leverage multiple integrated core service modules.

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Our Web Design Process

As web design may appear daunting, we have developed a simple approach to ensure the process is streamlined and stress free.

Below is a summary for our web design service from end-to-end. We involve you completely in the strategy stage and part of the planning to gain your ideas and understanding for your website needs. The build phase is where we develop your website from scratch and conduct a series of tests to ensure everything is working how it should. The promote stage, is an optional service you can use to help boost traffic to your new site.



From planning to strategy, the discovery stage sets the ground work for everything else. With this step well managed, and complete, everything else just falls into place.



Once the planning is done, we can start designing the website, putting on its skin and clothes, and, like anything, we want it to fit well, look good and be in fashion.



The development stage is where the design gets transformed into something functional and interactive.



With design and development out of the way, and a fully tested site ready… it’s time to launch!